Command Post

A customized, self contained 24 foot motor home.
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The CP has gps, compasses, vhs radios, base radio, 30 foot antenna, remote signal booster,photocopier, computer, internet access, printer, satellite phone access, all paper maps of south west Alberta, spotting scope, FLIR night vision device, first aid kits, sam splints, blankets, sleeping bags, access to ATVs, wheeled stretcher

Pickup Truck and Trailer

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Equipment carried
Stretchers, sleds, snow shoes, wall tent, inflatable boat and oars, heaters, rope rescue equipment, chairs, lighting, propane stove, tools, fuel,


75 Terrain capable Searchers from which we field:
12 Trained and experienced Search Managers
25 Team Leaders
20 Hasty Teams
10 Man Trackers – Level 2
10 CISM Counselors
8   Rope Team members
12 Swift Water Team Members
30 Advanced Medical Personnel
6 Mounted Search members