If you are interested in SAR, are in reasonable physical condition, have some time available, are at least 18 years old, and can live up to a member’s commitment, you will probably be welcome to join FSAR. Come out to one of the monthly meetings and check us out. Meetings are held in the basement (Action Center) of the Oilfields Hospital in Black Diamond on the second Tuesday of every month starting at 19:00. Please contact for more information.

REVISED Members Policy – 2010

Foothills Search and Rescue (FSAR) prides itself on having an open door policy for new membership. In return, FSAR requires a level of commitment from our members in which to support our commitment to the Tasking Agencies and compliance with legal liabilities (i.e. Workers Compensation Board, Insurance and SAR Alberta). A  RCMP criminal record check is required.

Members who join FSAR are encouraged to participate in the monthly meetings and monthly training.

The “FSAR Membership List” is the official record of membership. These are members who have paid membership dues for the current year.

Upon the completion and passing of the SAR Basics and receiving the First Aid and CPR certificates and paying current year dues, a member will automatically be placed on the Callout List.

  1. Completed and passed Search and Rescue Fundamentals or Search and Rescue Basics (ERI)
  2. Hold a valid and current Standard First Aid / CPR (C) certificate
  3. Participated in 2 searches, real or mock or a combination in the prior calendar year
  4. Participated in a minimum of 50% of the monthly meetings and scheduled monthly training (consisting of a minimum of three trainings) in the prior calendar year
  5. Have paid the annual dues of the current year by Foothills SAR Annual General Meeting scheduled March meeting.

To be eligible to actively participate in searches you must have fulfilled 1, 2, and 5 in the current year and 3 and 4 of the prior year, of the above requirements (if applicable).  For the member to stay on the list they must maintain the minimum required qualifications listed as 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The Callout List will be updated monthly.

A member who has not fulfilled the above requirements in the previous calendar year will be considered “Inactive” and will be removed from the Callout List.  The member will be notified by email of this action.

A member who resigns or has been inactive for 12 consecutive months must immediately return their FSAR jacket and any other FSAR property, after which the deposits will be refunded by mail.

A member who returns after resigning or being Inactive will be required to take a refresher course in Search and Rescue Basics and be re-certified in the First Aid / CPR (C). The extent of the ERI refresher will be at the discretion of the board. On completion of the refresher the member will be reinstated to the Callout List and re-issued a FSAR jacket.

Members must be on the Callout List to be eligible to participate in any advanced or specialized training offered through FSAR, unless granted special dispensation by the board of directors.

Foothills SAR’S Obligations

The Executive of the Foothills Search and Rescue Society appreciate the commitment that its members are making to the community. We recognize the need for the team to be a cohesive and effective group, and make the following commitment to each member:

  • to provide a meeting place for society activities;
  • to facilitate training and informational lectures;
  • to establish and maintain a resource library and supply of team equipment;
  • to provide the necessary equipment for training;
  • to establish an effective organizational system for search and rescue situations;
  • to establish an effective communication system between members; and
  • to provide recreation for the members and afford opportunities for social activities.



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